Wherever you want your brand to get noticed backlit fabric makes your message stand out whether it is day or night!
If you want to “wow” your target audience using the versatility and quality of our specially developed fabric and our unique e-flex ultra-slim light box frame, and then allow yourself to be enlightened…

  • Helps your message become more noticeable
  • No need for costly fitters
  • Doesn’t encroach in valuable floor space
  • Simple and cost effective transportation
  • No requirement for expensive, special packaging
  • Fully recyclable

Our LED lighting technology gives an even spread of light displaying your message consistently. Highly energy efficient with a life lamp of approximately 50,000 hours, our solution delivers both quality and value for money wrapped in an environmentally friendly package. LED’s don’t emit UV or infrared radiations therefore they are completely harmless
Catch Media’s backlit fabric enhances the look of any graphic, giving it greater definition and depth of colour resulting in a display which simply generates more attention.