Wall, ceiling and even hanging graphics can be displayed in this versatile and streamlined system to ensure maximum impact. With a variety of materials to choose from and no size limits, graphics are produced directly onto fabric and stretched to fit securely into a framework. The final result is always smooth, flawless and elegant. This flexible system provides an excellent cost-effective solution to enhance any interior space.
Easy to install, remove and transport, fabric is held tightly in place without the need for nails, adhesive, tacks or tapes. Graphics can be quickly interchanged when needed. For graphics being transported from venue to venue every time they are installed in a tension fabric system, any creases are simply stretched away. A tension fabric system gives you a perfect, polished finish time and time again.

Freestanding, single, double-sided or even hanging from the ceiling, frames are simple to assemble. Using just one tool they can range in size from 50Omm square to 6m x 3m. The scope, versatility and value of a tension fabric system make it a highly attractive branding and communication solution for any event or environment. Exhibitions, showrooms, retail, window displays, receptions and road shows – there is always room for a stunning graphic displayed to perfection in a tension fabric system.